Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Yerevan to love!

No one can deny that life in Armenia is hard, and things aren't looking very good in the county now. It's an emerging economy, landlocked, with bad neighbors, ignorant and greedy government. People are tired of surviving rather than living. Obviously things are not very fun and colorful. Here is a report about Armenia that tells enough.
At the same time, it is a country with deep soul reflecting the struggle of thousands of years for retaining the Armenian nation. Many amazing people still live there, ready to fight for what they believe in risking their lives.
There are many amazing things to love about Armenia, but there is also bad picture of reality that can't be hidden. We shouldn't pretend that Armenia doesn't have problems. It had deep problems. We should't be ashamed to tell the world that we have issues and we need help with that.
Nothing good will come from hiding the reality and showing the "nice" stories about Armenia.
I have heard many people saying that it is shameful to talk about bad things in the country with foreigners. I disagree. One should be loved for who he/she is, not what he/she pretends to be! Countries should be loved and appreciated the same way, otherwise it's empty love or appreciation.
One might argue that these are not the best pictures of Yerevan. There are tons of 'wonderful' Yerevan pictures out there. But I love these. This is the real beauty of Yerevan and its honest and open. That's why it's worth loving.

Photos by: Hayk Muradya

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