Thursday, January 19, 2012

As it Really is.... the life in Yerevan

The reason I started this blog was to tell something special about the life in Yerevan, some special things that could be shared with people. Things that inspire or disappoint, things that makes you laugh from joy and scream with anger. Beautiful things, wonderful things, mostly amazing things connected our lives in Yerevan.
But later on, things that disappoint in life in Yerevan got more and more and the excitement and beauty less and less. So after pointing out one issue or two, i couldn't say anything more, cause I suddenly lost the sense of beauty.
So, life in Yerevan is hard and messy. People seem to have lost their kindness. Judgement is everywhere, in every family, every house and in people's hearts.
Right and wrong is not necessarily written, but its always announced.
We've forgotten about freedom of soul and think of everyone as bodies not persons.
First thing that defines people is their gender, then age, family, traditions, job position.
We should think more about people as souls, as persons, as friends and people that change our lives, make a difference.
We all should make a difference in this life in Yerevan by changes how we treat each other.
This video below made me very angry today (sorry to all the non-armenian speakers, its about sexual freedom)

And then I watched another one, seems from another world

Where life gets better, because people speak out and make a difference by treating each other as persons.

And then in spite of the sad reality of our lives in Yerevan, I remembered all the wonderful people who make my life different, who make me who I am and will surely change the world to a better place due to their craziness and audacity to be different.

meet Marina Danielyan, funny, creative, full of life and energy to make me laugh with joy

Gayoush Kabalyan, my oldest friend, who annoyed me when we were kids, and then became a wind of hope and assurance for the lifetime I have to spend. With whom everything is possible :)

the Crazy, Inspiring, loving and caring, "You can achieve anything you want in this world"-type of person, next to whom beauty comes in my life.

Extremely extraordinary Elaine Krikorian, who is ready to stick stuff in her nose and break ancient pieces of chess, to make you laugh

Interesting and thorough Meline Ter-Minassian, who can be the best friend in the world

"Yeah babey", Zhirair Terzyan, "zibon", brilliant and fun, silently thorough, strikingly loud :)

The brightest, purest love in the world, Marie! Who is my change to this world, who will grow as a person, loving beauty and kindness and compassion and freedom, bringing joy to people and screaming about all the disappointing things in this life in Yerevan!

There are so many others, who will be coming soon in my further posts and so many others who I haven't yet met but am looking forward to :)

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