Friday, March 6, 2009

First Post

Have you ever wanted to start a personal blog, but then for some reason it took you quite a while to get to it? What would be reasons for someone to hesitate about writing a personal blog:
  • this is a big step towards sharing your life with the whole world (it really is I guess!)
  • maybe there are people who you wouldn't want to hear your story (why not?)
  • what if you want to delete all your posts and somehow you are not able to and 20 years later people can still read your silly life story (this sounds silly doesn't it?)
  • you don't think that you should devote your precious time to a personal blog
What I am hoping to find out by starting this personal blog of mine is why actually people do this, I mean blogging? What good does it do to people who write personal blogs. Well, I guess, we'll find out all about it soon. 

Decision is made and I am starting my personal blog "Life as it is in Yerevan". Living in Yerevan can be both exciting and franstrating (those who live here will surely understand what I mean). But what is the secret of happiness in Yerevan, anyways? Has anyone tried to step out of the life stream in which we all are and try to look at our life from outside? This is what I am hoping to do in this coming couple of years. And who knows I may find the happiness equation for living in Yerevan. 


  1. Anoush, Congratulations on your blog! I look forward to reading your thoughts and opinions. The more voices the better (especially women, yes?)